Dilemma of Business Start Up

 Anshin Business and Legal Services helps world enterprises accelerate business start-up in Japan.

 Starting out business in Japan is still unfortunately a lengthy process in spite of government efforts to streamline. It consumes considerable amount of time and money: it often takes 6 to 12 months and millions of Japanese Yen (tens of thousands US dollars) to start your company’s formal and direct branch in Japan.

 Your company has to make a decision to invest this amount of time and money without knowing business opportunities in Japan. This is a dilemma like a “Chicken and Egg” situation: Willing to invest for opportunities, while not able to access opportunities without investment.

 Anshin Business and Legal Services help world enterprises, interested in business start up in Japan, resolve this dilemma by providing “Acting Branch Manager” services.

Four Stages in Business Start Up

 Typically there are four sequential stages when your company starst business in Japan:

  1. Preparation
  2. Representative Office
  3. Branch Office
  4. Subsidiary Company

 In the first two stages (1. Preparation, 2, Representative Office), it is only permitted to run marketing activities, while actual business operations are not allowed. In return, company registration nor taxation in Japan are not mandated during these two stages.

 In the remaining two stages (3. Branch Office, 4. Subsidiary Company), full business operations are allowed, while company registration and taxation in Japan are mandated.

 It typically takes 6 to 12 months and millions of Japanese Yen (tens of thousands US dollars) for your company to go through these stages, from Stage 1 through Stage 3 or 4.

Acting Branch Manager to resolve the Dilemma

 Acting Branch Manager services enable your company to start marketing activities before your company is fully determined to start business in Japan by playing a role of “acting branch manager” physically located in business center of Japan, Tokyo.

 Your company can run marketing research, decision making of business start up and preparing actual branch in parallel. It accelerates the entire process while leaving a choice of withdrawing plan of business start up without costing time or monetary investment.

Evolving to Operations Support mode

 One of important service offerings of Acting Branch Manager is to support HR search for your company’s permanent full-time branch manager. Such a permanent branch manager is required as a representative director for the Stage 3 (Branch Office) or Stage 4 (Subsidiary Company).

 Once the permanent branch manager is hired and registered, the Acting Branch Manager’s role is passed over to the permanent manager. And then, Anshin Business and Legal Services evolves into Operation Support mode, providing support in day-to-day operations as well as in government approvals and licenses where required.

 The evolution of the services are illustrated in a diagram below.

Service Offerings

 Anshin Business and Legal Services provide supports in business start-up from end to end, covering the following:

  • Preliminary Marketing Services
    • Market Research, Market Intelligence
    • PR, Tradeshow Participation
  • Business Start Up and Operational Services
    • HR (Candidate Search, Hiring, Immigration, Employment, Social Security arrangement)
    • Housing (Housing Search, Rental Contract, Administration)
    • Office (Office Search, Rental Contract, Furniture and Fixtures, IT, Telecom)
    • Company (Legal Registration, Taxation)
    • Business Operations (Government Approval and Licenses, Applying for subsidies)
    • Business Promotion: Sales, Marketing, Partnerships

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