For Japan to become a “nation of choice” among world enterprises

For Japan to become “a nation of choice” among world enterprises.

Anshin Business and Legal Services helps support world enterprises starting up business in Japan. World enterprises contribute to technology advancement and social innovations.

Anshin Business and Legal Services supports business start-up from end to end, covering

  • Promotion: Sales, Marketing, Partnerships
  • Contract: Negotiation, Execution
  • Office & Housing: Search, Temporary & Long-Term Rent
  • Company: Registration, Certification
  • Government: Regulatory Approvals & Procedures
  • People & HR: Candidate Search, Immigration, Visa, Employment
  • IT & Telephony: Procurement, Installation, Support

The attorney can also consult as a technology adviser as well, making use of his experience in IT as well as AI (Artificial Intelligence), on top to legal support.

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