• Choice between local hire or sending someone from HQ
    • Hiring: Quicker, Less expensive, not familiar with HQ business
    • Sending: Time consuming, More expensive, Family issue (visa, work permit for a partner, Kid’s school)
  • References
    • Housing
    • International Schools

International Schools in Japan

 For sending a mid-career manager from your headquarters to a branch in Japan, it is often the case that the manager has a spouse and children. For children at school age, it is very important to find a good school for them where the manager is sent over and assigned. This page gives you some clues to find more out about international schools in Japan.

 It should be noted that a graduate from an international high school is not always eligible for applying to enter an university in Japan. An international high school has to be accredited by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), so that a graduate of the high school becomes eligible for application. The following MEXT web page (Japanese) gives you more details about the accredited high school. You can also ask a candidate school about it.

Reference: MEXT Admission Eligibility in Japan’s universities (Japanese followed by English)

Reference: MEXT Eligibility for Application to University (Japanese)